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JRA Architects is the best kept secret for architectural employment in Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky. Our rich history combined with our nimble size allows us to develop long-lasting client relationships that create interesting, challenging and purposeful work for our employees.

About JRA Architects

Build outcomes, not just plans You want to create designs that you can be proud of - designs that are as inspirational and beautiful as they are practical and functional. At JRA Architects, we design for the benefit of the user, in beautiful form. Great work Culture When working alongside like-minded, light-hearted, warm-spirited coworkers who all strive to create meaningful relationships with clients and deliver top-notch results every day, you’ll see work as fun again. Healthy Environment From our open and collaborative office space to our workplace flexibility, you will find JRA Architects a place you look forward to working in each day. We work together to solve big problems and strive to create a healthy environment where our employees can thrive. Tenured Team We have a great mix of employees who have been with the company anywhere from one or two years, to 10 or 20+ years. Our tenured staff sees knowledge sharing as a vital part of growth for both employees and the business. Part of the community We believe that giving back means more than writing a check. We recognize that volunteering time and effort to make a difference is hugely important for the success and vitality of our community. At JRA Architects, you’ll have the opportunity to improve the community while working for a firm that’s improving you.

Roles at JRA

Professional Architects As an experienced architect you will see a big difference in working for our firm. You’ll be hands on with projects and have the opportunity to manage them from start to finish. While our work is challenging, we understand the importance of work-life balance to both our employees’ and clients’ success. Interior Designers As an interior designer at JRA, you’ll be able to bring your unique and creative visions to life. We foster a collaborative and open environment where you can hone your skills as a designer across many project types. Interns As an intern, you want to learn from the best. In both our Louisville and Lexington offices we hire interns who are eager to learn the craft and roll up their sleeves to help build our business.

What We Offer

Full suite of standard benefits When you are working 30 hours or more as a full-time employee, you’ll enjoy 100% medical insurance coverage for yourself and affordable plans for your family and dependants. Not to mention we have great dental, vision and life insurance plans as well Competitive Pay We are loyal to our employees. Working for JRA Architects, you will enjoy competitive pay as well as 401k benefits with the opportunity for profit sharing after one year. Employee events Whether we are walking to raise cancer awareness or enjoying a holiday celebration together, we believe that you should enjoy the company of those you work with. When you join us, you will be joining a family. Open-Office environment If you are looking for cubes and closed doors, look somewhere else. Collaboration matters to us. You won’t find cubes or anything else that can stifle creativity. Our office is open, our management is available and you are part of the team the moment you walk in the door. Flexible Fridays Casual Fridays are great, but we take it one step further. Our Flexible Fridays allow employees the opportunity to work remotely on Friday, work reduced hours, and come to the office in casual attire. To us, it’s all about creating a work environment that meets our employees’ needs, and this is just one way we do that at JRA Architects.

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